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How to Clean Leather Sectional Sofa -- Simple No-Sweat Tips for You

Nothing can beat the elegance and radiant style of leather sectional sofa, as long as you can maintain it well. Proper maintenance of leather makes your sofa attractive and extravagant. You have to remember that the smallest smudge on your leather sofa can make it unsightly. It is worse if a large stain suddenly appears. The beauty of your leather sectional sofas will be affected negatively.

Unfortunately, leather material can not be cleaned with ordinary furniture cleaner. It should be treated with love and tender care. That is because leather is delicate and requires special attention. You have to use special detergents, conditioners, and polishers on leather sofas.

The Challenge of Leather Cleaning
You have to be aware that cleaning leather sofas can be a little difficult. But if you know the right steps and the proper cleaning materials to use, then you can maintain the good looks of your leather sofa with ease.

Daily cleaning of leather is not necessary. However, you must never allow dust and dirt to accumulate. So you should remove dust with soft feather duster. Using vacuum cleaner with soft bristles is also advisable. Serious cleaning however should be done once in a while. This includes conditioning and polishing the leather.

After dusting the leather sofa, you can now safely apply the leather polisher or wax. There is a special leather cream wax that can be used specifically for polishing the sofa. Simply apply the cream and allow it to dry before polishing the leather.

Removing Stains and Spills
If an accidental spill happens, then you have to act quickly. The first thing you need to do is to remove the fluid by blotting the area. Make sure that you are doing this step properly in order to avoid damaging the leather. You need to use super absorbent cloth in order to remove the spill. If you do not have an absorbent cloth, you can use thick socks filled with salt. Secure the socks and apply it on the stained area. The salt will absorb excess fluid from the sofa. Quick removal of moisture and fluid prevents permanent staining.

After removing the fluid, the next step is to clean the specific area where the stain is visible. When removing stains, you must never rub the surface of leather sofa. Simply blot the area with cloth. Rubbing movements could permanently damage a leather sectional sofa.

After blotting the stains, you should dry the area with clean towels. Pat the moist areas with the towel to eliminate moisture. Again, do not rub leather in order to avoid damage. It is also not advisable to use dryers and heaters. These may cause the leather to crack.

If the stain is caused by grease or spilled oil, you can use an ordinary tissue paper to remove the fluid. A damp cloth will only worsen the stain. So make sure that you have plenty of tissue papers with you. Oil stains usually disappear overtime as long as you remove much of the liquid spill.

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